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Peri Bakery

Peri Bakery is characterized by the production  and preparation of the most delicious French  baked goods in the manner of  and the finest natural ingredients that are pre pared daily fresh and of high quality.  Our bakery produces different types of fresh  bread, classic sweets, and  
delicious pastries, to ensure that we produce a  variety of items that  
satisfy the taste of our customers.


Baked goods

Plain Croissant ,chocolate Croissan ,mini Chocolate ,Danish Danish custard ,fruit Pain suisse ,Chocolate Danish Bakery ,Cheese Almond ,Croissant chocolate ,Almond Croissant Cheese, Croissant Zaatar 



baguette turkey ,baguette chicken, baguette halloumi ,soft roll ,Chicken soft roll Halloumi ,soft Roll Turkey ,
Bagel Turkey ,
Bagel cream ,cheese Focaccia, 
Croque monsieur, Club sandwich .

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